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Weekend Open House Tour

Seattle’s weather is super nice today, sunny and warm. It’s a beautiful day for open house. I visited two houses today, both of  them are in the Reserve Community in Newcastle. Those two houses are&hellip

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Sleepless In Seattle

I guess lots of people started to know Seattle from the 1993 movie – Sleepless in Seattle. The movie itself became a symbol of romance. The movie showed us the love, the rain and the&hellip

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The fastest market in 2013

Where is the fastest market in US in 2013? What is you best guess? The answer is definitely not a surprise. According to RedFin’s report the fastest State: California ( which occupied 7 out 10&hellip

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Home Prices Back at Peaks in 2013?

Yes. In some areas. According to a Wall Street Journal analysis of price data from Zillow, the price of 10 out of the nation’s 50 largest metropolitan areas are back to their all time highs.&hellip

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Livability – noun \ˌli-və-ˈbi-lə-tē\ :  suitability for human living is a website that ranks America’s most livable small and mid-sized cities.The website includes demographic information, statistics, articles, photography and video that summarize the quality of life in cities,&hellip

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Established in 1888 by Steel tycoon Peter Kirk with a vision of being the “Pittsburgh of the West”, Kirkland today is a charming town on the east side of Lake Washington across from Seattle. It&hellip

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